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Providing financial services for the ministry is a complicated and exciting field-one in which MICHAEL CHITWOOD, of Chitwood & Chitwood, is considered "The Authority." Chitwood & Chitwood is the leading firm in the country specializing in the unique problems related to churches, ministries, and nonprofit organizations..

Taught the highest standards of personal and professional integrity by his father (HERMAN C. CHITWOOD, founder of the firm), MICHAEL CHITWOOD serves thousands of clients across the country. He provides:

  • Expert personal, financial, and estate planning
  • Tax counseling
  • Tax return preparation
  • Development and implementation of internal financial management systems
  • Monthly bookkeeping services for churches

Because of numerous legal changes that affect how ministries operate financially, many ministers and clergymen find themselves subject to confusing laws. The confidentiality, accuracy, and excellence that should be maintained in the ministry require the services of someone who has expertise in ministry bookkeeping and IRS guidelines. With more than 60 years' combined experience of providing financial services to the ministry, Chitwood & Chitwood understands that bookkeeping procedures for ministries is a complicated and highly specialized field.

Chitwood & Chitwood's account list includes some of the largest and most well-known churches and organizations, and also many small and medium-size organizations. Whatever the size, the goal remains the same: to provide expert financial advice and counseling, thus enabling ministries to become better and more faithful stewards of what God gives to them.



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